How To Cure Stuttering – 5 Proven Methods

People who have to deal with the problem of stuttering on a day to day basis can find themselves asking the question “how to cure stuttering?” It can take time and dedication but it will be well worth the efforts in the end when stuttering is no longer a problem for you. Getting over this embarrassing, anxiety producing problem is a worthwhile and monumental achievement that is likely to change your life.

Here are five tips which can help you answer the question of how to cure stuttering.

How To Cure Stuttering Method #1:  Set Yourself Some Short Term Goals

How To Cure StutteringSo you want to stop stuttering. That’s fine, and chances are, you will be able to do it. However it can be very frustrating if it doesn’t happen quickly.

If you set yourself a weekly goal and manage to achieve that benchmark you are much less likely to get frustrated if things do not go as planned. You must always remember that finding the cure for stuttering is a long-term goal with many little steps in it. Keep this in mind if you ever start losing hope.

Not being able to find how to cure stuttering straight away does not make you incapable of doing so. Breaking it down into steps can make it into a much less stressful experience and more manageable experience.

It can give you the hope you need when you feel upset or hopeless because you only need to get through a particular step.

How To Cure Stuttering Method #3: Stop Stuttering through Regular Practice

How to stop stuttering could be summed up in one word: practice. Practice makes perfect. One practical approach you can take is to read and read. Read in silence. Read out loud. Just read.

The idea is that you get to listen to yourself and identify where the speech problem lies. Determine which words, phrases, or sentences trigger your bouts with stuttering.

By reading in silence, you are giving yourself a source of mental exercise. This mental exercise will enable you to know the art of words by heart and this aptitude would eventually help you in your communication style.

By reading out loud, you are giving your actual speech a much needed practice.

Another practice approach you might want to practice is talking to yourself in the mirror. Imagine the other person you are staring at is a complete stranger and converse with that person.

You may feel that this approach is a bit strange or even crazy, but the bottom line is when it comes to stopping stuttering, one must always be creative.

You could have one of your trusted friends or family members lend you a hand with your speech practice. Communicate with your chosen practice buddy about anything and everything until you get more and more comfortable in the art of conversation.

How To Cure Stuttering Method #3: Don’t Hide Your Stutter

Just be open about it. How does this answer the question of how to cure stuttering? The answer is simple: this will make you as comfortable as possible!

It might seem counterproductive but pretending you do not have a problem can be very damaging for you and your attempts to find a cure for stuttering.

Feeling embarrassed by stuttering is likely to make your stutter worse. Simply tell people you stutter and then remember to speak softly and slowly.

This might seem weird but it will actually make you look much more confident and feel better when speaking to people. You will feel less sensitive when it comes to speaking to strangers by doing this exercise and it will raise your self-belief.

Plus telling your friends you want to stop stuttering is likely to get them to at least listen to you and it is always nice to have a support network.

This is a massive step in finally learning how to stop stuttering and can be emotionally trying and somewhat difficult but its results are very good.

How To Cure Stuttering Method #4: Don’t Run Away From Speaking Situations

If stuttering has been affecting you all your life or it is rather severe you are likely to have stopped talking at certain points. If you are a college student you might never raise your hand in class or you do not speak in meetings.

You might be the quiet guy or girl in your group but simply because you do not like to speak in case you stutter. Evading and avoiding speaking situations can have some very negative consequences when it comes to trying to find out how to stop stuttering.
Although avoiding certain speaking situations might make you feel less self-conscious at the time or it might make you feel like you are avoiding a problem realize that it is affecting you very badly when it comes to your long-term recovery.

Don’t avoid problem words or words you are afraid of and don’t avoid social situations because this will become an obstacle in the path of how to cure stuttering.

This may seem like a difficult and psychologically trying task but with your new-gained confidence you are likely to be able to do it and be that much closer to finding your particular cure for stuttering.

How To Cure Stuttering Method #5:  Always Continue Even While Stuttering

Say you are stuck on a particular sentence or word that has been a pain to get out and you feel you are losing your audience. You are starting to feel self-conscious, angry and anxious all at the same time.

You might be tempted to go back or repeat a sound. Make sure you continue speaking. Carry on. When it comes to how to cure stuttering for a particular word then making the word longer and speaking softly can help. Keep your jaw, lips and tongue slack while speaking.

The idea is that your voice will continue over the particular word that is causing you the problem regardless of how difficult it seems. When you are tempted to go back on a word or sound to finish it you must realize that it is probably not worth it.

Simply continue with your sentence. Try as hard as you can to not go back on your words or repeat particular sounds while you are trying to find out how to stop stuttering. With enough work and dedication you can get through these tips and get rid of that pesky and annoying stutter and finally find how to cure a stuttering problem with solutions that work for you.

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