How to Prevent Stuttering – 5 Methods To Stop Stuttering

How to Prevent Stuttering Method #1: Gradual word play

How to Prevent StutteringStress and anxiety play a crucial role when it comes to dealing with stuttering issues. In some cases, since the patient already knows that they would fail in pronouncing a word, practicing increases the level of anxiety. Doing games such as word play can provide a way in order to allow patients to pronounce words better without the risk of increasing their level of anxiety. Gradual word play can be a way on how to prevent stuttering in adults as well as children. (how to stop stuttering) Usually, the level of difficulty of the words would vary for adults in comparison to children.

The best way to go about this would be to start off with a couple of words in a day. Be sure not to drown the patient in too many words a day. Try to begin with about 10 to 15 words and eventually moving in increments of five per week. Make sure to review all the words every session in order to get the hang of it. You could create a word puzzle or jumble them up in order to put a twist to it. After every session, give the patient praise or a compliment for a job well done. This lessens the stress level that they experience as well as allowing them to look forward to your next session.

How to Prevent Stuttering Method #2: Using music and lyrics

Singing in a tune always soothes the mind and the body which makes a suitable stuttering cure. Songs can help a patient relax and feel less tense especially when they feel like their being hammered to do a good job with speaking. Prior to the session, you could ask the patient about what songs they prefer and which ones would relax them the most. This way, they do not feel cornered. During the session, break the lyrics of the song into phrases and start practicing each line.

Songs usually make use of proper syllabication which can be a great exercise for people that stammer a lot. It allows proper pronunciation without the feel of formality. This way it feels as if you are learning in song which is very effective for children since they tend to have short attention spans. So if you have been looking for new ways on how to prevent stuttering in children, try doing it in song.

As for adults, you could do a sing-a-long or even karaoke style so that things do not feel as tense as just sitting in a corner and pronouncing words for hours. There are a lot of different karaoke applications that you can download online. Just be sure to adjust the tempo so that you can start with something with a slower beat which you can gradually increase as the speech improves.

How to Prevent Stuttering Method #3: Proper nutrition gets you farther

Sometimes when you have tried so many different How to Prevent Stuttering methods which have all led to nothing, it gets a little frustrating. It can really start to get to your nerves especially when you’ve given an effort of a hundred and ten percent and still you get poor results.

Maybe it’s about time to look into to the nutritional aspect. When looking for a stuttering cure, you should always look into all options since there is no definitive method of treating the condition. Below are a couple of nutritional supplements you can take in order to alleviate the symptoms of stuttering.

The portion of the oral cavity used for talking is mostly composed of muscles. In order to relax these muscles without having to take medications, you can take magnesium malate supplements. As for calming frazzled nerves due to previous attempts, you can take B-complex vitamins with a dose of 100-200 milligrams a day.

Aside from taking supplements, you should also avoid nutrient-poor foods such as fast foods and junk foods. By taking into consideration the food that you take in, you are being cautious of the nutrition that your body – your brain in particular – would receive. With proper nutrition as a stuttering cure, you would not need to worry about overdosing such as in the case of drugs and other forms of medication.

How to Prevent Stuttering Method #4: Utilizing the essence of energy

Truth of the matter is, when you attempt to look up different stuttering cure or treatments in any medical textbook, you’ll realize that there is no exact cure when it comes to this condition. Basically, there are a lot of different ways on how to manage this condition.

Unfortunately, not every kind of method would work on everyone so you need to be patient about it. For some, in order to find the right techniques to stop stuttering, you probably went through all the conventional medical methods. So if you’re one of those people who are tired of the usual conventional approaches, you should consider something else.

The use of energy essence as a stuttering cure has been used by people for quite some time. It may not be as popular as other forms of treatment since it is an alternative method. This technique makes use of a combination of different tea leaves and herbs in order to stimulate a particular portion of the brain which is responsible for speech.

It focuses all of your energy in order to remove any disruptions that may have resulted in your current problem with stuttering. These tea combinations can be bought easily through an online source.

How to Prevent Stuttering Method #5: Open your mind to all possibilities

More often than not it’s a case to case basis so once you have accepted the fact that you have a stuttering problem, you need to consider your options. Don’t jump right into trying all the things that you can all at the same time. Be sure to do proper research first on the subject before making a move.

Especially when you are looking for methods on how to prevent stuttering in children be very careful with the methods that you subject the child to. Sometimes, rash decisions can be more damaging even if you only have your child’s best interest in mind.

Prepare your mind for all the possibilities – both positive and negative. Not that we’re implying that it’s close to impossible to find a good stuttering cure but it can cause a lot more trauma if you get your hopes up too much. Sometimes, stuttering problems may be caused by anxiety and stress in your life. By putting all your hope on something that eventually turns out to be ineffective can make you feel frustrated and even more anxious.

In some cases, these types of conditions can even worsen your condition. So be sure to be as passive about your treatment as much as possible. Some researches indicate that addressing stuttering deals with putting both the mind and body at ease.

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