How To Stop Stuttering Forever – Speech Modification An Effective Stuttering Cure

Children during their early childhood years undergo different developmental changes. One of these developments involves their speech. Accompanying these changes and adaptations are some dysfluencies or disruptions in the smooth flow of their speech. Children may tend to repeat words and syllables and prolong some sounds when speaking. But, when these dysfluencies are carried over past the developmental years and worsen as years go by, they may indicate the presence of stuttering, a speech disorder. Concerned parents look for different kinds of methods to stop stuttering.

Children who undergo assessment and evaluation procedures from speech pathologists may be recommended to undergo different kinds of procedures and treatment plans. One of the treatment plans as a stuttering cure is called Stuttering Modification. This plan of treatment is often recommended for children who are in their early to middle school-age years. Stuttering Modification is one of the spontaneous-type of therapy, making the patient enjoy the therapy sessions while learning about the different fluency techniques.

What Is Stuttering Modification?

Stuttering Modification as a stuttering cure is based on the belief that the client stuttered because the client’s feedback system is not anymore working properly. This means that the client is not able to appropriately match what he or she wants to say to what he or she actually said. Non-stutterers are able to immediately make corrections and adjustments when they find errors while speaking. Stutterers have difficulties with regards to mentally and physically correcting errors. In Stuttering Modification, the speech pathologist will make the client undergo a step-by-step treatment plan that addresses the fluency problems and the negative feelings that accompany the stuttering. This is a unique type of stuttering cure treatment plan because it considers the anxiety, avoidance behavior, frustrations, and fear that the client developed because of stuttering.

As a stuttering cure, Stuttering Modification consists of 4 stages that clients must undergo hierarchically. First, Identification is where the patient is asked to identify the dysfluencies, negative feelings and physical movements that he/she thinks are present in his/her own speech. The next phase, Desensitization, is where the clinician helps the patient face his/her fears and negative feelings when speaking. This may take time but with the help of the warm clinician, stutterers will be able to confront these negative feelings and will greatly help in the application of techniques that will reduce them.

The third phase, Modification, is where the clinician teaches the patient different techniques to be able to stutter more easily. Certain techniques like cancellation, pull-outs and preparatory sets enable the patient to ease out of his/her stuttering moments easily and finish his/her utterances more fluently. Maintenance, the last phase, is where the clinician monitors the progress of the patient without therapy sessions for a 22-month period. Stuttering Modification as a stuttering cure is effective and spontaneous.

Why Choose Stuttering Modification?

Many clinicians prefer Stuttering Modification as a stuttering cure because it is less formal than the other treatment plans. It incorporates play, informal conversations and fun activities during therapy sessions. It has a goal of making the stutterer’s speech more fluent-sounding despite the presence of dysfluencies. It also makes the patient look at stuttering as a disorder that is treatable.

Stuttering Modification as a stuttering remedy makes the patient more comfortable with his/her own stuttering, making him/her more in control during those involuntary moments. The different types of stuttering cure implemented by clinicians all promise the recovery of stutterers. It is just about finding what suits the patient best and what addresses his/her needs more.

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