Stuttering Cure – 8 Easy Tips To Cure Stuttering

Stuttering cure is real.  There are over 68 million people who stutter in this world, which is about 1% of the population? About 1 in 20 children up to the age of 5 develop some level of stuttering. However, the bright side is that it goes away for most children after a few weeks, months or years.

For about 1%, it continues into their adulthood and might even become worse. Stuttering is a condition that is more common among boys rather than the girls. It affects four times as many boys as girls. (how to stop stuttering) Stuttering like any old habit can be cured. All you need to do is follow simple techniques that have been detailed here.

How to cure stuttering in adults – A brief look

Stuttering CureTo understand the techniques to stop stuttering it is a good idea to know a little more about it.

Stuttering is a speech disorder where syllables and words tend to be repeated or last longer than is usual when the person starts talking. Stuttering can definitely be very frustrating. Stuttering is painful and distressing for those struggling with this problem. However it can be cured or at the very least made unnoticeable.

What we have here are not quick fixes. What we have are effective ways that can help you if you promise to be patient. Start by reading through the entire article patiently. Understand and take in these truly simple steps that can take you to your goal of being free of stutter.

Stuttering – What causes it and what are its symptoms?

There are basically three types of Stuttering or stammering as it is sometimes called. Science has found that there are certain genes that cause stuttering. Trauma and injuries like brain injury or stroke can also lead to stuttering. Stuttering is also caused by emotional trauma.

  1. Developmental stuttering – Usually occurs in children when their verbal ability doesn’t help them express themselves properly and usually goes away.
  2. Neurogenic stuttering – occurs usually after brain injury or stroke and brain loses control over the speech muscles
  3. Psychogenic stuttering – generally affects people with mental illness or people who have undergone mental and psychological trauma

Stuttering Symptoms may include any of the following:

  • It starts with repeating consonants like k or t and later on words and phrases.
  • It can then go on to become vocal spasms and it appears that the person is struggling to speak
  • Eye blinking
  • Jaw jerking
  • Involuntary jerking of the head or some other part of the body
  • Tension in the voice
  • Hesitating or taking a break while talking
  • Long sounds within words
  • Feeling of frustration while trying to talk to others


Stuttering Cure – The easy to do, do at home techniques

Every one of us is different and each of us unique. So, the reason for stuttering is also different and varied. What we are saying is that the methods that are effective for one might not be effective for another. So take some time to find the technique or combination of techniques that will work for you.

Stuttering Cure 1 – Believe and you can!

All of us underestimate the power of our mind. Mind is the biggest healer. Believe in yourself and trust your capabilities. This is a huge first step towards helping you cure your stutter. The stronger you make your mind, the better your confidence and the lesser your stutter.

Stuttering Cure 2 – Mediate and exercise your way to a better life!

I am sure you would have heard that meditation improves the quality of life. Ever wondered how? It helps you to de-stress and relax your mind and body. It also helps you to take the reins of your mind in your hands. Yoga is another great way to relax and help you with the overall well being. Breathing Exercises taught in this helps to calm you. Doing this everyday in the morning can be a great way to start your day and also cure your stutter.

Exercise is great too. It keeps you fit and healthy. You will feel an overall feeling of well being that has a calming effect. This in turn helps you get a control on your stammer. Stutter is nothing but a situation aggravated by the state of your mind. And the power to control your mind helps to controls your stutter.

Stuttering Cure 3 – Love yourself!

In continuation with the above, another thing to do is to start loving yourself. Start seeing the good side of you. Be proud of who you are. It helps to build your confidence and again helps to reduce your stutter. This becomes a cycle where your stutter steadily reduces and your confidence steadily increases.

As a start you could write out the things that are really great about you and focus on those. Slowly, stutter becomes just one of those things that you need to conquer. Your focus will slowly shift away from your stutter and your confidence in who you are will help to stop your stutter.

Stuttering Cure 4 – Join Hands!

As we have seen, you are not alone. There are over 68 million people in the same situation you are in. And there are many who have successfully come out of it and they are more than willing to share their methods and help others like them. Join forums, groups or meetings either on the internet or in your city.

When you meet people with similar issues, it lessens the feeling of loneliness. It makes you better prepared to face your problem and take steps towards fighting it and coming out victorious. You also get to know in person how the rest of the people with stuttering problem are facing and overcoming it.

Stuttering Cure 5 – Be Brave, Fight your fears, Keep talking!

If you have had stutter, you might have been made fun of or you might have heard or seen others being scoffed at. This could be the reason for your hesitating before talking or stopping while you are. Don’t Panic. Fear can only be as strong as your mind allows it to be. When you are without fear, you would feel more confident and the chances of your stuttering will go down.

Do not stop mid way or be embarrassed if you stutter. Keep going and remember that no one is fluent all the time. Even the best known orator has been known to stammer when lost for words or asked a difficult question.
As Mark Twain said, Do the thing that you fear the most and you would kill the fear!

Stuttering Cure 6 – Kill your Anger!

Anger and Anxiety is your worst enemy. When you are angry, you can’t collect your thoughts – no one can. People are agitated when they get angry. They lose control over their mind and actions. You would tend to stutter more then.

Count till ten, calm yourself and then talk. This not only helps with stutter, but generally with any situation involving anger.
Think happy and positive thoughts. Be calm, stay calm and you can cure your stutter.

Stuttering Cure 7 – Practice makes a man perfect!

You might have noticed that you stutter or stammer more around some words in particular. Try to practice saying those words regularly and you would end up saying them without any effort.

Stuttering Cure 8 – Be organized and focused in your thoughts!

You must have heard of the saying that you should think before you speak. It actually helps. Don’t be in a hurry. You don’t have any trains to catch or prizes to win. Your goal should be to be clear and precise. You should be effective in letting the person in front of yu know exactly what you had in mind. So quickly organize your thoughts and speak slowly. Do quick breathing exercises or count till ten to calm yourself before you approach the person.

And lastly – Keep marching forward, Don’t Quit!
Never say die! All of us tend to give up at the first hint of any hardship or when faced with a problem. Like everything in life, if you want to achieve something, the path will be tough and long. Remember that patience and hard work pays.

Now let us look at ways of how to cure stuttering in children and also help them home.

How to cure Stuttering in Children:

  • Be supportive of your child at home
  • Allow them to speak often
  • Slow your speech and let the child follow rather than forcing the idea on the child
  • Be patient, listen attentively, don’t interrupt – let the child speak completely before you or someone else rushes in to complete it or speak something else
  • Be open and communicate about stuttering and any queries your child may have about it
  • * Don’t let this be a topic of discussion and worry for you in front of the child

Stuttering is no longer an obstacle to success. Here are a few celebrities who have very successfully fought it and show us that stuttering can be cured and tell us the techniques to stop stuttering as well.

  • Tiger Woods, is a role model for all children and he openly talks about his hard work he put in to overcome stuttering
  • Some of the famous stutterers from the ancient past are Aesop, Isaac Newton and Lewis Carroll among others.
  • Some the celebrities from the recent past and modern times who had a problem with childhood stuttering are actors like Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and Marilyn Monroe.
  • Other prominent personalities that figure in this list are, Winston Churchill, Greg Luganis (Olympic diver), Jack Welsh (Writer & ex President of GE), Bo Jackson (football and baseball star) to name a few.

As they say, you will find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But the road is hard and long and needs a lot of determination. Be resilient and persistent and you will be sure to be free of stutter and fly free and high.

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