Tips To Stop Stuttering – 5 Ways To Cure Stuttering

If you suffer from stuttering then you know that it can be an embarrassing and difficult condition to deal with both at work and school. So it is natural for you to search for tips to stop stuttering.

Stuttering can cause great distress, anxiety and self-imposed isolation. There is no real cause of stuttering known yet, but it is assumed to be a partly developmental disorder with genetic predispositions.

Fortunately, there are many ways to stop stuttering which are easy. Here are five tips to stop stuttering which you can start doing immediately.

Tips To Stop Stuttering #1: Learn a Different Language

Tips To Stop StutteringAlthough this is a long term solution, it can really help you to stop stuttering. Learning a language at home on any language website might seem like a strange time investment when it comes to stuttering.

Regardless of whether you particularly want to learn a foreign, you will soon realize that it is completely worth your time. Majority of stutters do not stutter when speaking in a second language.

It does depend on the language and how long you have stuttered for but speech therapists say that many people simply speak a foreign language much better than their own. You can study a language that you started when you were in school or simply start with a new one.

This will help you realize that you are capable of speaking without stuttering. (how to stop stuttering) The stuttering may not completely go away, but it will diminish in severity quite a lot in your second language.

Don’t become frustrated with yourself if you find yourself initially stammering while you are learning your second language. That may happen. However, it is a good time investment and you will be surprised at how easily and quickly it can help you stop stuttering.

Tips To Stop Stuttering #2: Talk To Yourself In The Mirror

This tip may seem a little bit silly. But this is the easiest way for you to stop stuttering now. Look at yourself in the mirror while telling yourself what you are going to do today or talk about how much you liked the movie that you have just gone to see.

You will be surprised at watching yourself suddenly stop stuttering. It is not the same as speaking to an audience but it will give you confidence and the ability to know that you are able to not stutter while being in front of people.

For a more classic approach you can try to read. Reading in front of the mirror for half an hour a day is a good strategy that can be picked up easily at home. Another way to use this tip is to simply stand in front of the mirror while you are talking on the phone.

Although in this particular case it might be that your stutter does not disappear, you can look at your face for particular blocks or problems that you might have when speaking.

This is a great proven way to tackle on that ‘how can I stop stuttering?’ problem you might be stuck with. Many stutterers and speech therapists recommend this method highly.

Tips To Stop Stuttering #3: Consult a Speech Therapist to Cure Stuttering

Especially for severe cases of stuttering, it is highly recommended to get a professional intervention in order to address the problem. Sometimes, how to cure stuttering is no longer just a matter of self-practice or confidence building.

There are cases when the disorder emanates from a more serious vocal or physical deficiency hence the help of an expert is needed.

When working with a speech therapist, a patient may have to undergo vocal trainings and speech exercises. This consultation could be a bit pricey but if you are seriously driven to improve your speech, it is definitely worth your investment.

The best thing about hiring a speech therapist is that these professionals know what they are doing. They have studied this subject in detail and will help you cure stuttering in the most effective way possible.

Given the fact that individuals who stutter don’t always share the same symptoms or level of speech defect, these experts tailor fit their service to their clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Tips To Stop Stuttering #4: See What You Are Going To Say

Picture what you are going to say before you say it. Even if you are speaking very slowly, that is better than stuttering. Sound out the words in your head before you say them and then say them. Getting a picture of what you might want to say in your head provides you with a lot of different options.

If you find yourself struggling when saying a particular word, thinking about it will make it easier for you to find a synonym that you do not struggle with as much as a particular word.

It can also help you relieve stress that you may have placed on yourself when speaking about particular things. Taking your time is a much preferable option when you are trying to form a sentence. Along with this, don’t be afraid to use filler words like ‘hmm’ or ‘ahh’.

Another good tip to stop stuttering that goes along with the visualization one is using long pauses when spelling out what you want to say.

This will help you find different words or simply enable you to take a deep breath while you speak. This in turn will allow you to speak fluently when you are saying your sentence and prevent stuttering.

Tips To Stop Stuttering #5: Breathe Properly to Stop Stuttering

Proper breathing has many benefits. First and foremost, it gives a person a chance to relax. Also it enhances the overall bodily processes therefore fostering good health. Proper breathing also enables a person to de-clutter the mind and eliminate emotional impulses.

This is why proper breathing could be deemed as a reliable answer in terms of how to cure stuttering.

Everyday an individual who stutters, should devote a few minutes doing a breathing exercise. This is highly beneficial in terms of putting the body in the right gear before actually embarking on stressful activities.

By doing consistent breathing exercises, eventually an individual will be able to incorporate these breathing techniques into his or her daily life. This will then lead to ease and comfort which will translate to one’s speech.

As simple as the whole idea may sound, proper breathing could very well be your long awaited answer to the question on how to stop stuttering.

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