Ways to Stop Stuttering – 5 Effective Methods

Speech impairment or stuttering, common in both children and adults, has remained a challenge to medical science. But there are many promising ways to stop stuttering which has helped millions of people worldwide. It is possible to successfully apply certain effective stutter prevention techniques in everyday life which can help to manage the stutter and eventually cure your stuttering.

Here are 5 tips which will help you find the answer to the question of how to prevent stuttering,

Ways to Stop Stuttering #1 : Play the pretend game to prevent stuttering

Ways to Stop StutteringIn this modified version of “let us play pretend” game of the childhood, the sufferer pretends to be someone else. The pretention helps to transform easily from the difficult stuttering state to an imaginary confident state of communication; this helps the stutterer to lose the inner fear of struggling with the disorder.

This is tested as one among the many effective ways to stop stuttering. The technique not only enhances the self-confidence of the individual to make attempts at communication, but also nurtures freedom of expression, thereby eliminating fear in stuttering.

The method relies on the confidence factor that is essential to communication positive communication experiences gained through this technique can play a vital role in successful application of the ways to stop stuttering.

Stuttering can also be triggered by socio-emotional factors. It is essential to avoid the pressure to speak lucidly and tackle the stress and anxiety. This makes the battle half-won as self-confidence and belief in one’s efforts can go a long way to stop the vicious cycle of stutter resulting in more stutter.

The technique enables one to shed the feeling of inadequacy and frees the mind from pressure. A free mind taps on the potential to develop right speech patterns. This helps to stop stuttering instantly.

Ways to Stop Stuttering #2: Use Speech Rhythm

Studies have shown that even those individuals who suffer from the most severe case of stuttering don’t stutter when they are singing. This is where the “rhythm” method came to the public attention.

The first step to this stuttering cure is of course practice. Suppose you are to give a speech for your speech communication class. Memorize your piece and “sing” it out loud. The idea is for you to give the speech a “vibe” and get a feel of the speech’s feel on your tongue and vocals.

Once you have perfected the vibe-seeking method, you can then transition to a normal speech recital.

It is important to note though that normal recital doesn’t mean bland or flat recital. You have to make sure that your speech still maintains a particular rhythm.

The idea behind this tip is that rhythm actually helps eliminates the problem of stuttering. Even if you are no longer singing your speech, there should still be a specific “vibe” to how you let go of your words.

There was a scene in the semi-biographical film A King’s Speech wherein the protagonist who was suffering from a severe case of stuttering was having some sort of voice lesson. The fact that he was able to conquer the condition at the end of the film means it is effective and it is something you should practice.

Ways to Stop Stuttering #3: Consulting With a Doctor or Hypnotist

Sometimes stuttering is brought about by a serious physical or psychological trauma. This is where a physician or hypnotist could help a patient in terms of his or her question on how to stop stuttering.

Suppose you have recently encountered an accident and since then suffered from a speech defect like stuttering, it is safe to assume that your physical make-up in relation to your speech process has been drastically affected.

This is where the need for a physician comes in. Consulting with a doctor will help you identify what problem there is and how it could be addressed.

Another possibility in terms of stutter-triggers is psychological trauma. If you have experienced something that gave you too much emotional disturbance or even depression and consequently affected your speech, it is highly recommended to consult with a psychiatrist or even a hypnotist.

In order to cure stuttering under this scenario, it is essential for the source of trauma to be pinpointed and eventually addressed.

Ways to Stop Stuttering #4 : Speak Aloud to Stop Stuttering

Speaking aloud requires a sustained effort on part of the stutterer. This technique is applied in phonic learning to enhance the required communicative skills.

Reading aloud is an effective method of managing speech impairment. This technique is based on aural visualization methods. By saying out the words aloud, the brain picks the right speech pattern and works to prevent stuttering.

This method, used strategically in fluency therapy, is known for its usefulness as a fluency enhancer.

It reinforces that when a stutterer can speak without impediment sometimes, he can also try and speak fluently all the time; the technique works to completely eliminate stuttering or at least greatly reduce the frequency of stuttering.

The technique addresses the psychological dimension of the problem; it advocates implementing fluency in speech as one of the ways to stop stuttering. The stutterer achieves the goal by developing confident speaking skills.

Ways to Stop Stuttering #5: Connect with others and be motivated to prevent stuttering

There are millions of people in this world who stutter. Many famous personalities have suffered from stuttering.

The sufferers have not only overcome the problem, but also developed good communication skills, a proof to the fact that it is possible to prevent stuttering.

Connect with people who suffer from stuttering and have found possible solutions. There are many organizations, such as National Stuttering Association, TWST and British Stammering Association, which strive to provide support to the people who stutter.

The help groups not only provide insight into the speech impediment or stutter problem, but also motivate the sufferer to develop patience and make determined efforts to prevent stuttering.

In addition to benefiting from the information in the blogs and newsletters of these help groups, they can also provide you personal support and motivation to fight the battle against stuttering.

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